Peter McConchie

Peter McConchie began his photographic career in Milan Italy in the early nineties by apprenticing himself for three years to some of the finest fashion and portrait photographers of that time. After a decade freelancing in New York and London, he returned home and followed his calling in to Australias wildlands. Peter's work is now inspired by the responsibilty to care for the land we live upon and through invitation and community protocol record indigenous elders. He works with film cameras and is a founding board member of (PCE), People Culture Environment. His publications include, Yolngu Mali (Penguin Books), Australia Beyond Any Price (Pan MacMillan), Elders, wisdom from Australian indigenous leaders (Cambridge University Press), Brotherhood (Penguin Books), Point Nepean (Privately published), My Peoples Dreaming (Finch Publishing) and Old Growth (Hardie Grant)


Paul Bozinis

Has worked extensively as an abalone diver and commercial fisherman both in Victorian and South Australian waters and has much experience involving sharks. Paul is the charter operator for TAG FOR LIFE and provides us his wealth of knowledge from time spent diving on and under the water. A mountain of a man who shoots straight from the hip. A highly repected waterman around the southern coast.


Johno Rudge, Richard Somerton and Brendan Wadsworth

Are commercial abalone and industrial divers from Mallacoota on Victorias far east coast who carry out the deployment and retrieval of scientific tracking equipment for the TAG FOR LIFE program. Operating in waters frequented by large Great White Sharks, they carry out difficult and time consuming work all in the name of science. We are forever grateful.







Wayne Lynch

What can be said that hasn’t already. One of the all time greats of the surfing world, the complete waterman whether it be on top, of or under the water. Born and bred in Lorne on Victorias west coast to a fishing family, it was only natural the man would inherit the nickname 'Fish', not through his fishing ability but, the time spent in the ocean. A truly iconic individual, I have been fortunate to know Wayne for many years, a passionate supporter of the Tag For Life program and ambassador for global outdoor company Patagonia.








Mick Sowry

One of lifes true gentleman. Mick was an early contributor to the White Tag story when it all began many moons ago. Great big wave surfer, highly acclaimed producer of the iconic film ‘Musica Surfica’and advertising art director. Softly spoken but, a steely resolve, Mick has worked extensively in the surfing industry and was instrumental in the formation and design of the surfing museum at Torquay. A brilliant freehand artist and creative genius highly respected by his peers.