Tag For Life

 Whitetag is on a mission to help conserve and preserve our truly iconic marine species - the shark. 

Many of us have a healthy respect and fascination for the white shark. It is a creature that is firmly imbedded in our psyche and for those of us who live and play near Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean, it is part of our lives.

When Kent Stannard created Whitetag he was always looking to make a contribution back to the environment that had created and moulded the person he was.


So Tag For Life was born.

Today Tag for Life is successfully raising funds for science and education, as well as providing practical support to this sustainable environmental project.

The aim of Tag For Life is to communicate scientifically supported information that will lead to the establishment of a safer coastal environment for board riding, swimming, diving and fishing communities. It draws upon the science generated from research projects undetaken by respective Governemnt agencies and acts as a delivery mechanism providing educational learning through its ongoing relationship with public institutions including,The Melbourne Sealife Aquarium, Zoos Victoria, Melbourne Museum and the Phillip Island Nature Park. 








“Whitetag is uniquely Australian. We are true to ourselves and our beliefs. We’re producing quality garments as well as being actively involved in supporting Australian science through our TAG FOR LIFE TRUST.”

Kent Stannard


How you can help

Tag for Life is a not for profit charitable trust,endorsed by the Australian Government and sitting in the national environmental register.

Tag For Life has Taxable Charity status in Australia TCC and Deductible Gift Recipient status DGR.

All funds donated contribute directly to the research.

Donations greater than $5.00 aud can be made online or at a branch to

Tag For Life 

ANZ Rosebud 


Account No.477930811