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A national icon, world heritage species, Kent Stannard has known the Great White Shark for over forty years.

He has lived, played, and worked around them and understands their fragile place as apex predator in the cold steely waters of southern Australia.

”White Tag was inspired by my experiences and time spent on and in the sea and the surrounding natural  environment."

Australias southern ocean is a hard and unforgiving place, battered by winter swells and seared by summer sun. The waves are plentiful and the waters home to a diversity of creatures. As coastal people,it is the one of myth and legend that we respect and fear the most, it is buried in our psyche as ocean users, the shark and in particular, the Great White Shark.






Tag For Life




By buying online or through selected retailers, we can now all "walk the talk"and can be seen to support a worthy cause, helping to better understand one of our truly iconic species, The Great White Shark.

Every purchase in some way,goes toward funding a piece of the puzzle.

To hear Kents story how the brand came to be read on...

"I didnt set out to create a brand, it came about more by default really".

"I have always had a fascination for sharks since a small child and it has continued to this day, especially when surfing in the southern ocean. I firmly believe oceans users are genetically hard wired at birth and the vast majority of us have a healthy respect for the creatures within it."

"It was my friendship and assocaition with surfing legend Wayne Lynch that led me to draw on my experiences around the southern coast and the Bass Strait islands that brought about the creation of White Tag apparel.

"It was Wayne who suggested I learn more about the 1% For the Planet Foundation set up by American oudoor company Patagonia of which he is and ambassador and that pledges at least a 1% contribution from their net global turnover to environmental programs around the world. It seemed the perfect template."

"I had lived and worked on Bass Straits Flinders Island for a number of years and experienced how harsh, yet beautiful the southern ocean could be. It gave me time to reflect on products I felt were functional and aesthectically pleasing that I felt could best represent us the ocean users. I like my friends had for many years complained that coastal people were being overlooked in the market place, so I set about creating garments for ocean people, such as surfers, sailors, divers, fishermen, that would also provide a platform for donating back to the environmental topic I was passionate about, the shark.



Over the years, TAG FOR LIFE has uncovered literally hudreds of facts we would like to share with you, the public. Some of them surprising, some of them confirming beliefs held by experienced coastal users. Either way, you will find an assortment of facts, figures and stories in our Did you know? area. Ideal for kids and adults from 3 to 103, we hope to bring to you what we know in an easy to understand and entertaining fashion. So you go away knowing more about his majestic animal.

In the fun and educational area of TAG FOR LIFE, you will also see our sightings log, our tracking updates from tagged sharks currently migrating around the coastline, images of each shark on our listening station and satellite tracking network as well as postings from surfers, anglers, divers and other ocean users who come in contact with the Great White Shark.



We are custodians of this great marine estate and it is our role to look after each and every creature within it. Starting with our iconic apex predator the Great White Shark.

It along with the other shark species are the keystones to a prosperous and healthy marine environment.

The oceans fragile balance is reliant upon the survival of the shark. A better understanding of this creature will lead to a safer and more sustainable marine resource.

Whitetag offers a small but insighful window into the mysterious and misunderstood oceans that surround us and upon which we are so reliant. If we fail to do nothing, then we will be left to stand in ignorance if this world is threatened.

If the oceans are threatened,then so are we.


And so the White Tag story begins.

But the White Tag story doesn't stop there, click here to find out White Tag’s mission to save our sharks through its Tag For Life Trust and the benefits to everyone.